The Charmed Ones: Power of Four


Cole Turner

Cole is the human persona of a unique half-blood upper level demon whose intrinsically evil demonic 'half' goes by the name Belthazor. Shortly after Cole was born, Benjamin found out his wife was a demon and tried to take Cole from her, but Elizabeth killed her husband with an energy ball and raised Cole herself. Elizabeth taught Cole to despise his human side for its "weaknesses." He suppressed it so completely that he became one of the most powerful demons of all time, under the name Belthazor. The Source of All Evil saw a good deal of promise in Cole, and had Elizabeth put him through law school so he could blend into human society, as an important lawyer. Many upper-level demons seek to infiltrate the mortal world in order to further the cause of evil, and Cole was particularly well-suited to this since he was half-human. The Triad gave him the assignment to approach the Charmed Ones and get close enough to learn everything useful for their otherwise ever elusive destruction - in which he was promised his father's soul in return, but then a cardinal human emotion starts overriding Cole's demonic nature: he falls is love with Phoebe, as she will with him, a true love, yet more impossible then Romeo and Juliet, making him desire above all to become good for her sake, or tempt her to be evil for his. In various phases his human and demonic halves get the better of Cole, masterly but most uncomfortably jumping on his good - and evil foot.

Cole willingly takes in The Hollow as a last resort attempt to save the Charmed Ones from certain doom. This results in the dead source taking over Cole to retain his position in the underworld as King, later along with Phoebe as his Queen, who stopped Cole's plan to reverse the unfortunate situation. When her sisters finally manage to turn Phoebe back to good, they proceed to kill Cole who is banished to the Demonic Wasteland.

Cole comes back from the demonic wasteland by stealing the powers of others who were banished there as well. His numerous attempts to reconcile his marriage with Phoebe prove to be worthless. Then Cole tries one last time to reunite with Phoebe in an alternate universe one year earlier. Cole is vanquished for good or so they thought.

After Cole was vanquished he found himself in “The Cosmic Void” left there to watch but not touch Phoebe, seeing that his mistakes with Phoebe were now causing her to give up on love, Cole found a demon named Drake who aimed to be human. Cole told Drake of a demon who would make a deal to turn him human, but only if he went to Phoebe to help her not give up on love. Later, Piper found herself in The Cosmic Void and Cole aided her, and through her Phoebe call on the power of love.

History (after show) : Cole continued to watch Phoebe from The Cosmic Void but when a reformed Triad brings back The Source, who then attacks Phoebe, it was in her dieing breath that Cole broke through the Cosmic Void and with some help from Phoebe they were able to again send The Source back to the Waste Land. Cole, who had and learned to deal with his fate in the void to leave Phoebe to be happy, tried to return to The Cosmic Void but couldn't. Not knowing what to do, he tried to just walk the world away from phoebe, he discovers he could still cast a few spells, control some elements (ice, electricity and matter) he could still sparkle, as he did in the void, and conjure things out of nothing. As he wandered, Phoebe set out to find him, and when she did she realized he was not the same man, all evil was gone. They soon fell back in love, remarried, and Phoebe gave birth to their first born child and are now expecting another. Cole indeed was a changed man, as he was brought back into the house. He is still living with regrets from when he was evil and what he put Phoebe, and especially Paige through. But Leo asked him to teach a new class at Magic School - Demonology, he now teaches the next generation how to vanquish demons and the ethics on the temptations the demonic world can have and the consequences of those temptations. Cole is played by actor Julian McMahon.

Birthday : January 19th 1885

Died : 2003 [vanquished by the Charmed Ones]

Wife: Phoebe Halliwell

Mother : Elizabeth [demon]

Father : Benjamin Coleridge Turner 1859-1888, [killed by Elizabeth]

Occupation : Teacher at Magic School


  • Sparkling - is a form of teleportation in which the user teleports surrounded by tiny white lights or sparks. In some forms, this looks similar to orbing. However, this has only been displayed by neutral beings (Cleaners and the Angel of Destiny)
  • Conjuring the ElementsThe power to conjure elements is the powerful magical ability to generate and control a form of any of the ancient elements: air, earth, fire, or water, as well as lightning and electricity.
  • Conjuration - is the ability to create or magnify material objects already in existence or to summon an object from another place or another time.